At ADVOCATE, we want everyone to have access to our store. 

Turn on our accessibility widget HERE

Our accessibility widget uses the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to improve accessibility on our site. 



Our website can be adjusted with keyboard navigation using the “tab” key. 


This feature enables users to enhance the size of the text to up to three times the original text for better readability.

Bigger cursor

Make the cursor bigger and more prominent for easier site browsing.

Invert colors

Inverts the colors of our website content. For those with decreased vision, the high contrast greatly helps to read the site better.

Tweak Contrast 

This feature lets users manually select from two options: to enhance the contrast of the website or to decrease the contrast.

Tweak Brightness 

This feature lets users update the brightness on the site. The content can either be made brighter or darker.


Users can turn on grayscale, making the website content appear only in shades of gray. This benefits people with visual impairment.

Reading Line

Adds a supportive reading line to our site.

Readable fonts

Converts the fonts available on our site to one of the most easily readable fonts: Helvetica.

Alt Text and Images

Ability to read alt text of images.


Adds label to images that contain a written description of the image.

Highlight links

Highlights links to make them more prominent.

Hide images

This provides better site readability for people with visual impairment.

Read page

A feature that allows a voice to read the text on our site out loud to visitors.